Flow char is a graphical representation of algorithm. It is used to represent algorithm steps into graphical format. It also gives us an idea to organize the sequence of steps or events necessary to solve a problem with the computer. In other words flow charts are symbolic diagrams of operations and the sequence, data flow, control flow and processing logic in information processing. These charts are used to understand any working sequence of the program.

Advantages of flowchart:-

1. It provides an easy way of communication because any other person besides the programmer can understand the way they are represented.

2. It represents the data flow.

3. It provides a clear overview of the entire program and problem and solution.

4. It checks the accuracy in logic flow.

5. It documents the steps followed in an algorithm.

6. It provides the facility for coding.

7. It provides the way of modification of running program.

8. They shows all major elements and their relationship.

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This symbol represents the beginning and end point in a program. We use start and stop option in it.

Input/Output Symbol

This symbol is used to take any input or output in the algorithm.

Process Symbol

A rectangle indicates the processing, calculation and arithmetic operations

Decision Symbol

It is used when we want to take any decision in the program.

Connector Symbol

This symbol is used to connect the various portion of a flow chart. This is normally used when the flow chart is split between two pages

Data Flow Symbol

This symbol is used to display the flow of the program. It shows the path of logic flow in a program.