'C' language is one of the most powerful language. It is a programming language, which is firstly used to develop operating system. It is the middle level language. It was developed at AT & T BELL LABORTARIES, USA by DENID RITCHI in 1972. This is general purpose language.

History of 'C' Language

Before the development of 'C' language there were many languages but these languages provide the functionality for specific purpose. For example:- for commercial applications where a lot of data is to be used, save and retrieved, then COBOL language is used, for engineering and scientific applications, which needs more calculation power of data storage and retrieval we use FORTRAN language. There was a need for a common language for all these purpose of 'C' language is being developed. It is a combination of BSPL and ‘B’ language. It was basically used for their own purpose. So 'C' language is sometimes refers to as a high level language or a high level assembly language. If you will program in assembly language, you will find that it is look like assembly language.

Advantages of 'C' language

1. 'C' is portable means to say program written in one computer may run on another computer successfully.

2. 'C' is fast. It means that the executable program obtained after compiling and linking runs very fast.

3. 'C' is compact. It means that the statements written in 'C' language are generally short, but are very powerful. Several operations can be combined together in just one statement.

4. The 'C' language has both simplicity of high level language and low level language