String are the combination of number of characters these are used to store any word in any variable of constant. A string is an array of character. It is internally represented in system by using ASCII value. Every single character can have its own ASCII value in the system. A character string is stored in one array of character type.

e.g. “Ram” contains ASCII value per location, when we are using strings and then these strings are always terminated by character ‘\0’. We use conversion specifier %s to set any string we can have any string as follows:-

char nm [25]

When we store any value in nm variable then it can hold only 24 character because at the end of the string one character is consumed automatically by ‘\0’.

1. strlen - string length

2. strcpy - string copy

3. strcmp - string compare

4. strups - string upper

5. strlwr - string lower

6. strcat - string concatenate

7. strstr - string string