When anyone wants to communicate to any other person then a language is followed. So if we want to communicate with computer system then we have to use computer language. We can have two types of computer languages

(1) Low Level Language

(2) High Level Language

Low Level Language

Low level language is the language which is easily understood by the computer system. This language is also called machine language or 1st generation language of the computer. Machine language is written in binary form. So every data and instruction should be given in the form of binary language.

Computer cannot understand the language spoken by human being. So instructions are converted into binary form and if the programs are written in machine code then our system can run the instruction very fast because it is directly understood by computer system but a single disadvantage of this language is that it is machine dependent.

High Level Language

The language that makes easier for the programmer to write instructions in the language. He/She commonly uses the English language, but our computer does not understand this language directly because it understands only machine language. High level language is machine independent, means to say that instructions written in high level language are automatically converted into low level language by translator and can run on different computers without any modification. The only disadvantage of this language is that it needs to be converted into machine language, which makes the program executable. This language runs slower that low level language because firstly it is converted into low level language.